Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tandas paling ekstrem

As if suspended off the cliff, this Siberian mountain-top toilet has been named the most extreme loo in the world in a new list
The terrifying toilet serves a remote weather station in the Siberian Altai Mountains
Those using the perilous privvy can enjoy spectacular views as they do their business
But in the fog the toilet looks sinister and foreboding as it looms on the landscape
During the winter the toilet's users do their ablutions above the clouds on the edge of a snow-capped mountain
The world's most extreme loo is used by workers at a weather station, where supplies are only delivered every autumn

Tandas ini digunakan oleh pekerja di stesen cuaca terpencil di kara-tyurek,Pergunungan Altai dan terletak di cenuram setinggi 2,600 meter aras laut. 

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Farhain Azmi said...

oii nak buang air pun kna pikir antara idup n mati..hihi